Female Domination live a subs perspective of it

I have always been curious about being dominated by a strong and strict woman and wanted to experience this with some female domination live

When I feel the need to be disciplined and put under control I look for the best chat rooms online to fulfil my needs and get the very best female domination live .

Strong attractive women who take control and dominate has always got me very excited and I love everything to do with fem dom.

To give control over and to be dominated with a strict lady in charge of your every move is what female domination is all about it.

There are lots of sites online offering female domination live but none looked like they had the domme I was looking for.

However I found this site which had a picture of the most beautiful Mistress I had ever seen and it promised the very best fem dom chat and it more than delivered.

Needing to be dominated and the feeling of being powerless while a gorgeous lady had complete control of everything that I did and being unable to resist despite being very humiliated was exactly the sort of live chat that I was looking for.
I was online waiting for my domination chat to begin and feeling excited but not knowing what to expect but I didn’t need to worry I was about to experience the very best female domination live experience with a beautiful and sexy Dominatrix who would have me under her spell.
As soon as my strict lady appeared on the screen all my worries and fears vanished.
I have never seen a more dominant or beautiful femdom Mistress than the one that stood before me.

It was fun and very easy to chat with this strict and no nonsense lady and right away I knew I was in for a fun and exciting time.

Dressed in a power suit with long legs that seemed to go on forever she looked every inch the sexy and strong powerful female authority figure who would know exactly how to dominate and put a submissive man in his place.
I knew exactly what I wanted, I wanted to be lectured and made to obey without question every order this female dominant women gave me.
Female domination is a wide area with many ways a domme can control and make you obey.
I always enjoy being lectured about my appearance and bad manners and warned of what will happen if I continue to disobey and the harsh punishment that would be given out without any mercy.

Having to kneel down and submit myself as I was being told off and lectured is the sort of domination that I need.

It was so much fun and exciting to have my own personal chat with a beautiful online webcam fetish Mistress and I will continue to use this site for female domination live in the comfort of my own home.
I was an amazing experience to be under the control of this sexy online fetish Mistress.
Only on this site will you find the best online female domination live


Live Femdom Cams

So you have been looking for live femdom cams and wondered where the best place to find live femdom webcam action is? Then you have landed on the right blog. Welcome to afeshioonstyle full of information about live femdom cams, this site in th elink highlighted will take you to see some of the best in online domination webcam chat rooms. These include some of the strictest women online who love nothing more than to control you and use you the big question is can you handle it?

These live femdom cams are live round the clock and you can choose from hundreds of different Live Mistresses who are on cam and waiting right now to control you and own you. The love to abuse you they love the power and to see you crawl along the floor like their puppet and pet. so with all of that said let’s talk a little about all the differenat areas of femdom and Bdsm . Some people still do not realise what femdom and bdsm is really all about, so i though ti would make this blog to go into it in a bit more details about all the different types of live femdom cams shows you can get when entering online.

Having lived the lifestyle as a bdsm Mistress i can honestly say without hesitation just how much i am a control freak and i love to have power over my men in any way that i can. From real time domination to webcam domination i have seen and done it all and i am now ready to share with you on this blog my life as a femdom Mistress online.

You see men are in my opinion the weaker sex, let’s be honest men will do just about anything for sex? When they get to the point of no return you could have them sign their life away just so that they cum. This is the point i love the whole weakness that you have them at your mercy at this point and they know it.


So losers it’s time to discuss some live femdom cams and they different types of sessions you can expect on live femdom webcam chat rooms. I have to admit it does get tiresome when subs do not understand the whole meaning behind servitude, the point is the MISTRESS is in control and you have no say!!! Once you understand that very basic principle then and only then can you enter a live femdom cams chat area. Be respectful, helpful and compliment Mistress tell her how amazing she looks

A little bit more about femdom can be read here  That link is for those losers who do not really understand the meaning of control.

In my next blog post you will be able to read more on what “female Domination ” is but to be honest if you are reading this blog you should already know and have a good understand of what it is and what you must do to be worthy of serving such amazing women.

So what kind of things can you do on live cam i hear you ask yourself?

There is cock and ball torture  usually known as ( cbt) this is when Mistress will request you to bring some items to your cam show for example, shoe laces or string, pegs, qtips ( cotton buds)  toothpaste, candles, ice, clamps, wooden spoons, things to use as ball weights and th elist can go on depending on what the said Mistress requests.

Cbt is done in many levels from beginners to hardcore pain sluts so just tell Mistress what it is you are looking for.

Then we have Tease and denial i am hoping that is self explanatory to you, this is when Mistress teases you like crazy but makes you wank that cock that has become her property but she refuses to let you cum, only Mistress can decide when and if you get to cum.

Strap-on training, yes another favourite of mine i love nothing more than wearing my strap-on and describing what i would like to do with it. Mistress may request that you bring your own sex toy or that you buy a cucumber or carrot or even use your own fingers, you will need to discuss with said Mistress. I also enjoy prostate massage training and making sure my susbs are trained in hwo to have anal orgasms.

here is some of the pictures of some amazing Mistresses waiting for you right now

SO now that you have seen this gorgeous live femdom cams ladies picture and are ready to submit to her on live cam you can view her profile right here get ready to be blown away by this amazing Domme.

Now we also have.

Sissy training i have to admit i love abusing and using sissies whether they are sissy sluts or ladies needing proper sissy maid training it does not matter i just love dressing sissies and having fun with them. I like my girls to arrive dressed and ready for action, with toys if they have some. I love humiliating them  now sissies can move on to other things like cuckold scenarios but more on that later.

Blackmail scenario. I just love the power of blackmail contracts getting all that personal information from a sub and then having him at my mercy as he is scared i out him to his wife, g/f work mates or even all over his face book!! I will and have exposed losers before for not doing as they were told.

Then we have financial slaves.. Again another favourite i enjoy draining and milking these little losers dry in my opinion they should have no luxuries they should give everything to their Mistress as she deserves it more than they do.

Humiliation on cam is another huge favourite i love nothing more than laughing and degrading and humiliating little losers like you. Discuss with your live femdom cams Mistress as she may make requests for you to bring things to this live webcam show.

Edge play/orgasm control, this is when mistress makes you wank that cock right until that vital moment when you are ready to cum and she demands you remove your hand, this is so frustrating for subs. I have had subs who have managed to do 200 of these, they have had very sore red fragile cocks after… It is a lot of fun for a mistress to watch the frustration on your face.

Chastity control. Again Mistresses love nothing more than making you lock away that cock it becomes a prisoner an din my opinion is it should be.

Ok keep reading this blog i will do more descriptive most of all these different bdsm scenarios and what you can do on live femdom cams should you decide  to have a real live webcam session.